Coming Soon

One of the problems with starting a brand new blog is that there’s not enough of a back catalog for a repeat.  You know, a “Here’s an entry from a few years ago for you to enjoy”  so I don’t actually have to write a blog over the holidays.  I haven’t even been doing this for three months yet, so it seems a bit premature to do a ‘best of’.  So, instead, I am going to tell you all some of the things I mean to write about in the coming year.


I have seen “Into the Woods” and will be writing about the dangerous power of the wish.  I am putting together a series on the changing roles of women in Disney that I have tentatively titled Princesses and Pies.  I am working on a second series that is a bit more fun that examines some of the life lessons that can be learned in a Disney Park.  Plus, of course, my regular weekly ramblings about my faith and my love for (almost) all things Disney.  Maybe I should write about that, too: the things I don’t love about Disney.  Hmmmm…

I would like to thank those of you who have followed me so far.  Hopefully you will continue to enjoy my words and find them thought provoking.

Hoping you all have a blessed New Year.


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