Mini-blog 2 — Good things come to those who wait

Over the next several weeks in addition to my regular Thursday blog,I will be posting a Tuesday ‘mini-blog’ about my Disney park experiences based on some of those wonderful platitudes that we all have heard most of our lives.


This adage is one I think about A LOT during Disney park trips.  Probably because we do a lot of waiting.  When we are at the parks we have to wait for everything.  We wait for rides, we wait for buses, we wait for food, and we wait for shows.  We wait.  Some days it is harder to wait than others.  Some days my feet hurt.  Some days I’m really hungry.  Some days it feels like the line is not moving.  Some days it feels like they’re only letting the Fastpass line go.  Some days it feels like they’re ignoring the Fastpass line entirely.  Some days I just don’t want to wait.  But of course, good things come to those who wait.  At the end of the time of waiting there will be a fabulous ride, or a delicious meal, or fireworks! Yay for fireworks!

I don’t like waiting, but it is easier when I know that at the end of the wait will come good things.  The problem is sometimes the things that come to those who wait are not good.  The ride is boring, the meal is bad, or the show is canceled due to weather.  We like to believe that good things come, but in reality it isn’t always true. The trick we learned when the Princess was little was to make the waiting itself a good thing.  We played games, sang songs, and ate snacks.  In fact, one visit when she was about 5 we were in the middle of a game when we got on a ride and promised to finish in the next line. When we got to the next ride and there was no wait, she was disappointed.

While good things can come to do who wait, it is not a given.  Make the most of waiting.  Take time and enjoy it.  When the waiting is itself a good thing, what comes after becomes simply the next thing.


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