Mini-blog #3 – Discretion is the better part of valor

space moutain trainI am a roller coaster junkie.  I LOVE them!  I will happily ride them over and over until the family is bored and begging me to move along.  This is not true for everyone.  No matter how much I love roller coasters I cannot make Mr. Mouse love them no matter how much I try.  Over the years he has gamely tried new coasters with me.  He tolerates them, some of them he even enjoys, but he does not love them.  Early on in our relationship I would push him to try to keep up with me and he would try.  However, we would suffer the consequences of that bravery later.  Too many roller coasters and Mr. Mouse would be done, not just with roller coasters but with everything.  Discretion is definitely the better part of valor.

Sometimes it is better to say no to something so we can say yes to something else later.  Pushing ourselves into an uncomfortable situation is not always brave.  Being brave is saying “No.  I don’t want to do that.”  Even if you have to say that to a roller coaster crazy significant other.  We need to understand that our boundaries are there for a reason.  They keep us safe.  They keep us centered.  They keep us from doing more than we should.  We should test them from time to time, but we should also honor them.  Doing something we hate does not make us valorous, it just makes us uncomfortable and sometimes ruins a better thing that comes next.  Discretion, whether in roller coasters or in life is not only a sign of valor, but of wisdom.


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