Who is the fairest of them all?

young princess

A conversation we have had in our house involves the future possibility of one of us working at a Disney Park.  In reality I know that I will never work at a Disney Park unless perhaps they start a full time chaplain position which seems highly unlikely.  The Princess however is pretty sure she’s got a shot during her college years.  Of course when we have that conversation, she is always employed as a Princess .  I know, big shock.  She would be absolutely fabulous at the job.  She is all things a princess must be: happy, bubbly, good with kids, and un-tattooed.    However, as we talk about this possibility my practical side, thinks “That will be a tough job to get.”

When searching for requirement for cast members online almost everyone asks about being a character.  How tall can I be?  What skills must I have?  The thing that occurs to me is that those people, as talented and visible as they are, are the minority of Disney employees.   Where would we be without the people who do all the other jobs?  Someone has to make the churros, take the tickets, answer the phones, and run the rides.  Someone has to serve the tables, stock the shelves, weed the flower beds, and keep the park clean.  Someone has to paint and repair.  Someone has to design and dream.  Someone has to lock and unlock the doors.  These are the people we take for granted at the parks.  We just assume that they will quietly do their jobs, know the answers to any questions we have no matter how random, and wish us all a magical day.  Disneyland employs about 20,000 people, while Walt Disney World employs over 65,000!  Most of them doing jobs that aren’t glamorous.

It is easy for us to want to be the person who seems the most glamorous, the person with the cool outfit, and all the attention.  But honestly, it is the majority of the other people who get things done.  No one encourages their child to be a sanitation worker or a custodian or a construction worker, but without them where would we be?  The same is true in churches.  Where would we be without the people who fold the bulletins, vacuum the carpets, and change the lightbulbs?  There are a host of tasks in our live that get done by people who are not  glamorous.

The next time I go to Disney I think I might have some different experiences.  Maybe I can get a photo with my bus driver.  Maybe I can get a custodian’s autograph.  Maybe I can remember to take the time to leave a note (not just a tip) for the person who shapes my washcloths to look like Mickey.  And maybe, just maybe, if I can remember to that at Disney I can remember to do that everywhere else too.


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