Mini-blog #8 — Time Flies

time flies

‘Time flies like an arrow.’  ‘Time flies like the wind.’  ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’  Basically, time is going to move much faster than we want it to, especially when we are enjoying ourselves.  No matter how much time we think we have it is never enough.

It never fails that our first day of a multi-day trip to a Disney Park the phrase, “It’s only our first day” gets used.  Don’t worry we have time to do all the things we want to do.  We’ll come back to that ride/show/parade on another day.  We have plenty of time.  The fact is it’s not true.  If we don’t pay attention to the time it will slip away from us and those things we mean to do don’t get done.

As a family we have been to Walt Disney World twice.  The first time was a bit overwhelming.  It’s a lot bigger than Disneyland, there’s a lot more to do, and it isn’t laid out in the way we expected.  As a result there were things we didn’t get done a lot of them were in Epcot.  When we went back, there were certain things I really wanted to do including all of the pavilions in the World Showcase in Epcot.  There was a plan, we would have lunch at Le Cellier then move through the pavilions.  Mr. Mouse and the Princess made it to France and promptly fell asleep in the movie.  It was okay, because we had plenty of time.  Except, of course, we didn’t.  I STILL have never been on the Gran Fiesta Tour.  It’s on my list (again) for next time.

Time flies.  If we don’t make an effort to do the things we want to do, we may run out of time.  Whether it is a ride in a park, a place to visit, or time spent with a loved one there will come a point when we run out of time.  Time is a limited commodity.  We should take advantage of it while we can and not assume that we have all the time we want.  There will come a time when time has flown away and we have missed our opportunity.


Both of the people who suggested “Time flies like..” also added “Fruit flies like bananas”.  So a bit of added advice for today.  If you, like us, pack snacks into the park don’t forget to clean out your bag every night or you will discover the hard way that fruit flies do indeed like bananas.


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