Mini-blog #10 — Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


There are things that I do not miss after I’ve done them.  For example, I can’t think of a single time I have missed my dentist in between visits.  In fact the longer I am away from my dentist, the less I want to go back.  The Princess doesn’t reflect fondly on her immunizations and Mr. Mouse does not miss the time spent in waiting room of our local mechanic’s shop with the Mousemobile.  Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder, in fact sometimes it makes us happy that we don’t have to go back.  That is not true for our visits to Disney.

Often we start planning our next trip to Disney on the way home from Disney.  The longer we are away, the more ready we are to go back.  The blisters, bruises, and sore muscles heal.  We forget about the long lines and the uncooperative weather.  We can’t imagine that there was a day, hour, or minute when we were less than perfectly happy on our whole trip.  In fact, there must not have been a more perfect and fabulous trip ever and we need to go back right now.

Absence does make the heart fonder, but only of those things we already love.  We long for the people and places that make us happy, so much so that their imperfections fade into the background.  We only remember those things that fill our hearts with joy: the smiles, the fun, the crazy adventures that are unique to us (Matterhorn.  In the rain.  Four times in a row.  Boo yah!).  Those are the things that matter not the blisters, broken water bottles, or sunburns.  Those are the things that speak to our hearts and call them to be fonder than they were.


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