Waiting for inspiration to strike

meg-boredWhen I started this blog six months ago I had this vision.  I would have so much to say that each week I would have to sort through all my ideas to pick just the right one for the week.  I would (of course) have written articles prolifically and significantly ahead of time so all i would have to do is hit upload and viola!  You, my readers, are probably laughing hysterically at me and thinking that may be a fairy tale worthy of Disney.  *sigh*

So here I am on Thursday staring at my screen trying to find several hundred words about faith and Disney.  The frustrating thing is that I have them.  I have a lot of things to say about how we as the church do or do not welcome new people, how we hang onto traditions at the risk of becoming less and less culturally relevant, how we are unwilling to fully commit to the message that we claim to follow.  I have words about adaptability, acceptance, and focus.  They are all stuck in my head.

So, this week I’ve got nothing.  I will watch some Disney movies this week and contemplate my own failures.  See you next week with a new mini-blog series and (hopefully) a brilliant and well thought out blog on Thursday.


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