Magical Moments — Part 2: Mr. Mouse

This week I am excited to welcome my very first guest blogger, Mr. Mouse.  Instead of telling me his favorite Disney memory he offered to write about it himself.

The Princess went off at a sprint into the crowd and I couldn’t see her or catch up to her.  Mind you, not because I’m slow, but because of the crowd.  Also, this wasn’t little Princess in a typical Disney crowd, this was full grown teenage Princess sprinting to the finish line of the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5K.  In a couple days I would be running in the Half Marathon and this was a chance for The Princess and I to have a Disney moment together.  I was so proud of her sprinting off to that finish.

RunDisney is a huge operation and they are experts at hosting races.  What began as a Half Marathon at Disneyland and a full Marathon at Disneyworld has expanded to several more half marathons, 12, 10 and 5 kilometer events.  Some of the motivation of running a Disney race is the course itself.  They design the races so that you can experience some of park as you run by or through the area.  I experienced this first at the Disneyworld marathon just a few miles into the race I notice some runners peeling off of the course toward . . . Captain Jack Sparrow!  It took a few paces then I realized, there are characters on the course!.  I ran past the long line of women waiting to get a picture with Captain Jack, but soon I got into the spirit of stopping by the characters and having pictures taken.

The whole experience with The Princess was a joy.  As we jogged along we got pictures with characters in California Adventure and Disneyland.  We jogged and walked enjoying the park in this unique fashion.  As we walked along toward the finish suddenly Princess decides, without warning me, to give it one last sprint.  I watched her off and running, finishing strong. To this day she is proud to let me know that she finished that race ahead of me.

runnersThere is “magic” in sharing experiences with those we love.  With some experiences carry multiple layers of meaning and joy.  Memories of similar past experiences we’ve had pop in our minds at random times. Relationships are strengthened as we reminisce with our loved ones. We create a wonderful depth and timelessness to our life.  In my spiritual life I find the shared “magical moments.” Occasionally my family and I are able to worship together, sing hymns, say the prayers and experience the presence of God together. I suppose that is why I am resistant  to Sunday School happening during worship.  Worship for me should be multigenerational, all family members participating in the wonder of our relationship to God and one another.  “Magic” moments occur in those shared experiences of love.

Our prayer for the church is that we might continue to learn how to provide a variety of opportunities to welcome, to provide a special moment of love, and to enable people to carry something of those moments into the rest of their lives.




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