Magical Moments — Part 3: Auntie Mouse


Our little family isn’t the only ones who have magical moments at a Disney Park.  Members of the extended Mouse family have each had their own unique trips and memories that they have shared with me.  This week my Auntie Mouse has shared her own special story.

It was their family’s first trip to Disney World and they were, of course, very excited to be there.  Like many of us do, they decided to start with the classic park and boarded a bus to the Magic Kingdom.  Bus rides are not very exciting, however the bus was filled with excited people many of them children.  As they approached the park, they came to a break in the trees where the castle was visible.  There was an audible gasp from on the bus.   For many people, including my little cousin, it was their first view of Cinderella’s Castle.  They could see the destination for a moment during the journey and were delighted.  Their first glimpse of the Magic Kingdom was itself magical.  Auntie Mouse was deeply moved by the joy and wonder of that first view.  Not only was this her favorite moment of that Disney trip, but she listens for that moment each time she goes.  She also tells other people heading to the park for the first time to ‘listen for the gasp’ on the bus ride.  Her moment is so magical that she wants to share it with others.

When is the last time you gasped in wonder?  I have gasped in shock or horror.  I have gasped in surprise in a movie (Hello, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’), but I cannot remember the last time I gasped in wonder.  How often do we move through our lives without taking a moment for wonder?  There seems to be very little worthy of our wonder on a daily basis.  Traffic, bills, emails, work, grocery shopping:  it is all very mundane.  What could we possibly come across in our regular lives that is deserving of wonder?  I would suggest that just because we don’t look for it, doesn’t mean it’s not there,

Children seem to be full of awe of both the big and small things that surround us every day, while adults seem generally immune to the beauty of clouds, the intriguing behavior of squirrels, how interesting rain drops are running down a window and any number of wonderful things that children see all the time.  I don’t know if we are too jaded or just too busy to appreciate the small things in life, but a little wonder could do us all some good.

The world we live in is truly wonder full.  The fact that we are so beautifully made and that this world continues to spin through the universe is miraculous.  Maybe we need to take a moment to peek into the wonder.  Perhaps if we opened our minds as well as our ears, we would not only be able to hear the gasp of wonder for the world around us, but to rediscover our own wonder as well.


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