Magical Moments — Part 4: Country Mouse


The Princess is not the only member of the family to perform at a Disney Park.  My cousin, the Country Mouse, got to perform with her high school band at Walt Disney World.  Her Magical Moment is marching with her band at Epcot Center.

When I asked her why, she had a hard time putting into words what it meant and why it was magical, but as I listened to her I began to understand.  She talked about how it felt to be backstage and how well they were treated.  She talked about the trust they were given to not talk about what they had seen.  She talked about the responsibility she felt to do her best.  The more I heard, the easier it became to understand why the experience was special to her.  She became part of the magic.  At that moment she was as much a cast member as any employee.  She had been backstage.  She had a code of conduct.  She had an obligation to the people watching her go by to do her best and provide them with a once in a lifetime experience.  Her role shifted from guest to something more.  She was included in a very special group of people.  She was part of something bigger than herself.  She followed in the footsteps of generations of people who had walked those paths with that purpose and it was magical.

We in the church are not very good at including people in our own kind of magic.  We are happy to say good morning and have people worship with us.  However we don’t want them to sit in our spot, eat our favorite cookie, have influence on the songs we sing, or take a leadership role.  We are good at making guests feel welcome, but we don’t want to invite them backstage.  When we invite people backstage we have to trust them.  We have to let them do their own best which might be very different from what we would do or even what we might expect.

It is a mistake to underestimate the power of inclusion.  Letting people come behind the scenes is an amazing gift for everyone involved. Whether that backstage if for a park, a parade, a worship service, or a ministry, we are all enriched by sharing the experience.  We can give a little bit of magic to someone else simply by trusting them to help us in our tasks.


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