Mini-blog #4 — Just float


I have to say at the beginning of this one that I absolutely love Dory.  She is one of my very favorite Pixar characters.  She is enthusiastic, funny, and inspiring.  That’s a pretty impressive trio of characteristics for a fish with memory issues.  She happily sings ‘Just keep swimming’ to anyone who needs to hear it.  That little fish became an inspiration for people.  Encouraging them to keep going and not give up.  I do not in any way take exception to that advice.  I believe that most people need to hear words of encouragement more often than they actually do.  But as someone who tries to manage more than I can or should I can tell you that there is a benefit when we stop swimming.

Determination looks like a lot of different things.  It can look like pushing through no matter what, but it can also look like quiet acceptance.  Acceptance doesn’t mean we keep swimming.  Sometimes it means we relax, float, and let the current take us.  Trusting the current doesn’t mean we have given up.  The current might be taking us exactly where we need to go.  Trusting the current means that we understand what’s coming next and know that it’s going to be okay.  Swimming has its place, but so does floating.  We can allow ourselves to be held and supported while someone else does the work for us.


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