Mini-blog #5 – Focus while you work


When Snow White decides to be the dwarfs’ housekeeper (don’t get me started), she informs her helpers that if they all just whistle and sing the job will be fast and easy.  I saw that cottage.  No amount of whistling or singing is going to make that job faster.  A small army of woodland creatures is what speeds up that job, not Snow White’s little ditty.

Fantasy cleaning sequences aside, I find that this piece of advice doesn’t work well for me.  It starts with whistling, but then progresses to singing, which leads to looking up lyrics, followed by IMDB to try to remember who starred in the movie that song was in, and so it goes.  This rabbit trail always ends with me on the couch reading a book or playing Tsum Tsum.  Perhaps the rest of you are better at this than I am, but I basically need to keep to the task at hand rather than singing and dancing my way through my chores.  Focus is what I need to tackle big projects, until such time as I have my own small army of woodland creatures to do my work for me.


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