Magical Moments – Part 5: Pastor Mouse (me)

shadow family

This has been a difficult post to write.  Not because I couldn’t think of a magical moment, but because I could think of so many.  Every trip we take has had its own special memories.  Whether it is running through the rain with the Princess or holding hands at twilight with Mr. Mouse, each visit has moments of pure joy and, yes, magic.

People often ask me why we travel to Disney Parks so often.  I think the answer lies in the magic moments.  We head to Disneyland or Walt Disney World because we know that the magic abounds.  We go because of those memories.  And while we will try our best to recreate them, we never do.  Instead we make new memories based on our new experiences.  There are always consistencies, both good and bad, but each trip is its own and unique.  Each trip contains its own magic.  No matter how often we go, we know that one fact will always be true.

Magic doesn’t just exist inside the Disney Parks.  We have magical moments all the time in our everyday lives.  It is possible that we don’t pay attention or don’t recognize them for what they are, but they are still there.  They are the moments the give our lives meaning.  They are the reason that we return to the people and places that are special to us.  They are what create our lives.

Over the years church members have told me that when they get asked why they go to church, they don’t know what to say.  The language that church people use often doesn’t make sense to those outside our community.  They don’t understand about being filled with the Spirit, hearing your call, or any number of phrases we comfortably use.  But what we are really talking about are our magical moments; those times when we feel closest to God and connected in our faith.  What if we used that kind of terminology instead?  What if we talked about those times where the church (people, worship, service, music, whatever) affected us deeply and profoundly?  We could explain to people that we go to church, not because we or it are perfect, but because it is a place where magic happens.  Even though we do not call those moments magic, they define us and shape us.  They are the reason we keep coming back and they are the moments we most want to share with others.  Don’t be afraid to spread the word.


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