In Summer!


I love Olaf from “Frozen”.  Not simply because he is an adorable, singing snowman, but because we share a passion for summer.  Summer is my favorite season.  I love the heat and the sun.  I love that the kids are out of school and running around.  I love water balloons, tent camping, and cooking outside.  I love that the sun is up before I am and stays up so very long.  Summer is everything that is good and wonderful.

I like the pace of summer in the church.  We are in between major liturgical seasons so I get a little bit of freedom in the pulpit.  I personally like to preach exclusively from the First Testament in the summer.  I like telling the stories of creation and the first of God’s people.  I like exploring the history of the kingdoms.  I like hearing the words of the prophets.  What’s more I like that I have the time to pick a story and follow it for weeks or months.  It’s fun.  I’m not sure what the folks in my church think, but a happy preacher is a better preacher.

I like the pace of summer in our family.  The Princess is around all day and we can do fun things.  We go on vacations.  We have been known to sleep in a tent in our back yard.  Sometimes we eat ice cream for dinner.  We play mini-golf and ride in bumper boats.  I am more flexible.  I like the laid back style I adopt with the family schedule.  There are no alarms in the mornings and no set schedule in the evenings.  Because it’s summer.

I often contemplate why I cannot keep the flexibility into the fall.  I like being relaxed and happy.  It’s good to just go with the flow.  Somehow, though, my laid back attitude abandons me as soon as school starts.  I become crazy schedule woman.  I set the alarm, I get people out of the house, I keep the family schedule, and basically make myself and everyone else crazy for nine months until school is out again.  Business as usual.  Summer is different.

Summer is here and I’ll be doing whatever I do in summer.


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