Mini-blog #3 – Why we love: Goofy


Talk about a character true to his original concepts.  Goofy was created to be goofy, even though that was not his name.  He was described by one of his creators as a ‘gullible good-Samaritan’.  He is well meaning, but usually unsuccessful in his endeavors.  He is not intelligent.  He believes what he is told at face value and does not see others’ ulterior motives.  He is easy to laugh at, but he is also easy to love.

He messes up.  A LOT, but it is okay.  Goofy never grows bitter or gives up.  He gets knocked down and gets right back up and tries again.  And while we laugh at him when he falls, we cheer when he gets up.  We are impressed with his resilience and probably somewhat envious.  We tend not to retain our good nature in the face of repeated failure and hurt.  We don’t always see the best in people after we have been presented with the reality of their darker natures.  We close ourselves off to protect ourselves from hurt and failure.  Why wouldn’t we?

We know that gullible good-Samaritans get taken advantage of.  But what if we didn’t care about that?  We could help people and reach out to people even if they don’t deserve it.  We could find joy simply in the service to others.  We could try new and different things even knowing we might fail.  We could enjoy the attempt rather than needing to succeed.  We could live a life that is full and rich without ever giving up or becoming jaded.

That might be too Goofy.


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