Mini-blog #9 — Why we Love: Anna


Two years ago ‘Frozen’ took the world by storm.  The movie turned the typical Disney fairy tale genre on its head and introduced us to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  They were different than other female leads we had come to know and they captured our hearts, especially Anna.

Anna was something new in a Disney movie.  She was awkward but enthusiastic.  She wasn’t shy or passive like some of the older princess characters.  She was confident, optimistic, and determined.  Her defining characteristic was love.  Not romantic love, but love for her sister, her friends, and her kingdom.  Anna is above all things, genuine.  She doesn’t prevaricate or hide her feelings.  She jumps in to life with both feet without looking at the consequences even when she should.

In a lot of ways Anna is the first of the Disney princesses to feel like a real person.  She has no magic powers, fairy gifts, or animal friends when the movie starts.  Though isolated, she is not oppressed or imprisoned in any way.  No one is forcing her into servitude or an arranged marriage.  She is simply lonely.  She is relatable in a way that few Disney characters have been, especially to girls.  Anna is imperfect, but that does not diminish her in any way.  In fact, it is the reason she is engaging.  Anna is part of a new kind of Disney princess.  A Princess who shows young people that self-reliance, inner strength, and love are more important than outer beauty.  She is overflowing with love, and that love gets returned many times over.


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