The (not quite) Ultimate Disney Villain Countdown

To celebrate Halloween week I am going to do something a little different.  Every day I am going to present a villain from a Disney animated feature and talk about (what I think) makes them so villainous counting down to the MOST villainous of all Disney villains.  I am aware that this is subjective.  I am also aware that some villains are actually quite engaging.  Personally I quite like Yzma and Kronk.  If you take out the whole kill-the-emperor thing, they aren’t that wrong about Kuzco.

Villains are a complex character group.  Some are simply glorified comic relief.  Some are simply misunderstood.  Some are merely doing their job.  The question becomes what make a truly evil villain?  The villain in ‘Bambi’ is an anonymous poacher.  He is breaking the law, but I would assert that he is not evil.  He has no personal animosity towards Bambi or his mother but his actions have consequences for the characters.  I would submit that he is not a ‘good’ villain.  Therefore, I submit for my purposes a villain must:

  1. Want to intentionally wish to harm the protagonist(s) in some way.
  2. Be aware that his/her actions go against the accepted moral norm.
  3. Be committed to her/his goal in spite of any outside warnings or unintentional harm to others.

Feel free to disagree or offer your own suggestions.  The countdown starts tomorrow!

*** Awesome art by disneyfreak19 on ***


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