The (not quite) Ultimate Disney Villain Countdown #1 — Frollo

When it comes to Disney villains Claude Frollo is about as evil as it gets.  Self-righteous, xenophobic, and manipulative with no regard for human life; Frollo has no redeeming qualities.  He has all the worst qualities of all the villains on this list with the added awfulness af being totally convinced he is completely in the right.  He has no magic powers and no powerful objects.  He is completely human and I find this character truly terrifying.

Frollo creates his own personal ethical code independent of any outside source.  In fact, he repeatedly ignores the Bishop of Notre Dame who should be his moral guide.  He has his own personal army that he uses to create his vision of a perfect world and doesn’t care if there is collateral damage along the way.  He is a religious zealot and a racist who allows no other viewpoint.  He not only emotionally manipulates Quasimodo into believing himself less than human, he turns the entire city of Paris against the gypsies.  All while believing himself to be the only truly righteous man in Paris.  People like that have led Crusades, started wars, and murdered countless people.

He is, to me, the most frightening Disney villain.  He is entirely devoid of compassion and has both the power and resources to carry out his destructive whims.  He could wipe out every gypsy in France and simply consider it a job well done.  There is no compelling back story.  There are no redeemable qualities.  He is wholly evil and believes himself to be wholly right.  This is the scariest villain.  To him, he is the hero of the story and will do anything he can to ensure his own happy ending.



Happy Halloween, readers!  Don’t get too scared.

With faith, trust & pixie dust — Pastor Mouse


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