Happy, Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday.  Really and truly my birthday not a random story I have made up for the blog.  I don’t mind people knowing.  Unlike some people, I do not dread my birthday.  I don’t mind getting older.  My reasoning is that getting older is a good thing.  If I am not getting older, well, let’s just say it’s bad.

On the other hand, I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday.  I don’t tell people or carry on about it.  most years I just go along like it’s a normal day.  Which it probably is for everyone else in the whole world.  But here is my secret:  I don’t want it to be.

I want people to make a fuss.  I want people to randomly burst into song.  I want people to treat me like I’m the most special person in the whole world just for the one day.  That’s one of the fun things about having a birthday at a Disney Park.  You  wear a special button and for that day you are special!  Cast members fuss over you.  Random people do actually sing to you (someday I will tell you all the story of Mr. Mouse’s 40th birthday).  There are little perks that make your day just a little more magical.  In fact, there are people who get the buttons even when it is NOT their birthday.  I’m not going to lie.  I wish my birthday was like that every year.

But I am a grown-up.  We are responsible, mature, and do not make a big deal out of our birthdays.  If someone remembers, I am appropriately impressed and grateful.  But, really, I want lots and lots of presents (though I couldn’t tell you what they might be) and I want someone to bring me cake (even though I have food allergies and can’t eat most cake) and I want the world to revolve around me just a little.  This secret wish embarrasses me, so I don’t make a fuss and go quietly through the day.

It makes me wonder what secret wishes other people have.  Who knows what people secretly wish they could do?  Everyone has hidden depths.  What do we give up in the name of adulthood, maturity, and respectability?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could indulge ourselves just a little?  Wear that crazy hat, dance down the aisle at the grocery store, sing out loud and not care who hears.  We all of our lines that we do not cross, not for safety, but for respectability.  Maybe we could all relax one day a year and cut loose.  Not be completely crazy, but just a little less formal.  Maybe we should be a little silly or a little self-centered for just one day.  It might be the present that we all need.


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