Let it Go

The weather is shifting here.  I have put away my sandals and gotten out my sweaters.  I brought in my ceramic garden ornaments to save them from the almost freezing temperatures.  It is cold in the mornings.  The leaves are beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow before they are gone, blown away to wherever leaves go.  It is fall.  i don’t want it to be fall.  I want to stay in summer.

Fall always makes me a bit morose.  Everything is dying.  The world is literally getting darker.  I walk outside and I do not feel welcomed.  I feel like going back inside, getting a warm drink, and staying under the covers all day.  I truly understand the urge to hibernate.  I just want to sleep until the sun comes back.  Irrational, but there you go.

I know that seasons change.  I know that things have to die in order for the new to come, but I want it to be summer forever.  Everything is green and thriving.  The days are long.  The weather is warm and I just want it to stay.  But it can’t.  I know this, but every year part of me mourns the loss.

I have nothing much else to say today.  It’s not very Disneyfied or very pastoral.  I simply miss the sun… and vacation,,, and time with The Princess.  Fall is good too.  Really.  But I’m not ready to move on.

‘To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:’  Ecclesiastes 3:1


One thought on “Let it Go

  1. Lee Hamilton

    I used to feel more like Pastor In Mouse Ears. But my Mom’s favorite season was autumn. She was ready to usher in cooler weather (and bid farewell to Mid-Atlantic humidity). She would assemble baskets of gords and pie pumpkins. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, and her gravy could have won in a cooking show. As we huddle together indoors for more hours per day, wr can contemplate God’s design for the world. I think of Mom, while I prepare a simple Thanksgiving meal. Yes, with the same giblet gravy, in her gravy bowl.



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