Short reflections on Disney Shorts: Tick Tock Tale

On this weekend of shopping mania, it is slightly amusing that the next short is about a store, a clock store specifically.  It is the story of a little clock that can’t keep time, has an embarrassing trouser- dropping alarm, and reduced 70% to get it out of the shop.  This poor little clock is mocked and shunned by the other clocks.  It, of course, wants to be like the other clocks and tries to remove its alarm but to no avail.  It is stuck being different.  But as we know from many, many Disney stories that have gone before different is good.  It is precisely the things that make the little clock different (losing time and the goofy alarm) that allows it to save the other clocks from a thief by attracting the attention of a police officer just in time.  Unfortunately, the thief destroys the little clock before fleeing.  The next morning the owner puts the store back together and dumps the little clock into the trash.  That could have been the end of the story but, fortunately for us, it is not.  In a moving, if predictable, gesture the other clocks rescue their savior and place him on the counter next to a sign that reads, ‘no repair is too small’.  The store owner takes his own advice and fixes the little hero, places him back on the shelf, and removes the clearance tag.  The little clock has a new place in the community as all the clocks salute him.

There is more than one message here but the one that really speaks to me is ‘no repair is too small’.  We live in a society that is happy to throw things away.  In fact we live in a time when it is often more expensive to fix something than it is to replace it.  We have been trained to throw out the old or broken and replace it.  Personally, I love repairing things.  I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I replace a belt on the vacuum cleaner, reweave a hole in a sweater, or in any other way make something whole that had been broken.  It brings me comfort.  I, too, am broken and embarrassing and like to think that like that little clock I’m worth fixing.  I like to think that we all are.  We aren’t perfect.  We break.  We get excluded.  We may not all get an opportunity to perform an act of great heroism, but some days being who we are is heroic enough.  “No repair is too small”.  We are all of value, worthy of love and attention simply for being ourselves.


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