The heart is not so easily changed.

This is not my usual, feel good Disney themed offering.  Feel free to wait until next week for something cheerier.  This is the outlet I have so I am going to use it to express my sadness and frustration.

Hatred is winning.

People on the liberal left and conservative right are screaming at each other.  They are telling anyone who wants to listen how deplorable the ‘other side’ is.  Plus all the other things people on social media will tell us.  Immigrants will destroy our society.  Muslims will kill us.  Liberals will take our guns.  Conservatives will take our money.  Old people are a drain of resources.  Children disrespect us.  Women want jobs they shouldn’t have.  Black people think they are the only people who matter.

Hate.  Every day I see the hate.  Pundits consider themselves a success if they make people mad.  It’s not enough that people disagree with each other.  They need to hate each other and anyone else who disagrees with them.  Plus anyone who is different, anyone who needs help of any kind, anyone who wants to change things, or anyone who wants things to stay the same.

There is no such thing as rational dialog.  ‘Those people’ cannot be reasoned with.  The only option is to hate them and encourage all right thinking people to hate them too.  You cannot deny the facts, whatever they may be.  Hate is the only answer.  And as absurd as all this is, hate is still winning.

Hate is winning because the talking heads know what they are doing.  If you debate an issue calmly, people might change their minds, but if you appeal to emotion people will dig in and defend their opinions to their last breath or to yours.  When people are viewed as enemies, it takes very little effort to then make them targets.  Once people become targets, violence against them is acceptable.  Hate wins.


“The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.”

There is truth in these words.  We need to look at the world with our heads.  We need to listen without committing our hearts.  Sometimes we need to be persuaded by someone else’s viewpoint.  Sometimes they need to be persuaded by ours.  No one can be persuaded by someone who hates them.

Tell your friends, family, and coworkers that you refuse to hate.  Tell them that you are not afraid.  Challenge them to join you in stepping back from the hatred and fear into a life of love, forgiveness and understanding.  It is time to stop before it is too late.

Hate is winning.  It is time for that to change.


One thought on “The heart is not so easily changed.

  1. Lee Hamilton

    Agree, sadly, I agree. So does this Catholic priest. A blog about his recent sermon, with highlights, was posted in the Dallas Morning News Scoop Blog.

    The full sermon (link embedded in the blog) is poignant and unwavering. It concludes, “Love, not hate. St. Rita will be a place of love—always. I’ll give my life for it.”



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