Short reflections on Disney Shorts: Feast

This is not my favorite of the shorts in the collection.  It’s not that it isn’t well crafted (it is) and it’s not that it isn’t funny and engaging (it is both of those as well).  In fact it may be too engaging.  I have serious concerns about poor Winston’s health with the diet that he consumes.  There is no way that dog can eat what he does and be in good enough shape to survive let alone thrive in his environment.

On a higher level, it is a film that tells the story of life through food.  It is somewhat amusing to me that I get to this one in January when we are in the full swing of New Year’s resolutions.  Food for the next several weeks is the enemy.  Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, low-fat, no fat: food is either bad or good.  It is something that either makes you feel healthy or makes you feel guilty.  There is no middle ground.  We aren’t supposed to enjoy food.  I find that troubling.

Food can be fun.  Eating together binds us together.  What “Feast” does well is illustrate that point.  Winston and the food are the focus of the short.  The food tells the story of the life of the dog and his owner.  Our food does the same thing.  This year for Christmas our dessert was a dairy-free cheesecake in a gluten free crust.  That has not always been true.  We used to eat different things before health issues intervened.  On The Princess’s first Christmas we ate differently.  And when Mr. Mouse and I were first married we were usually at someone else’s house for Christmas.  As our lives change, so do our tables.  When we view our food as simply good or bad we can forget to simply enjoy it.  We can also forget to enjoy the company it brings with it.  Share a meal with someone you love and worry less about how many calories it might contain and worry more about the company.


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