Short reflections on Disney Shorts: Frozen Fever

And finally to the last, and perhaps the least, of the shorts included in the Disney collection, “Frozen Fever”.  It may be sacrilegious to speak out against anything remotely connected to “Frozen”, but I was unimpressed by the short.  It was cute and fun, but didn’t accomplish much except to provide new costume options for the little girls who like to dress like Anna & Elsa.  There are no new venues, no new characters, and no new adventures. While it was entertaining in the theaters set on its own, when placed in this collection with shorts that range from works of art to different sequels that do a better job at storytelling, this one just doesn’t hold its own.

The short, which tells the story of Anna’s birthday in one long musical number, doesn’t actually do anything.  We are given a glimpse back into the world of Arendelle where happily ever after continues to hold sway.  The largest problems facing the kingdom?  Elsa has a cold and Anna’s birthday cake might get ruined.  Are the people happy to have the Ice Queen in power or terrified she might freeze them again?  Who knows?  There are baby snowmen.  What else could we want?  Maybe nothing.  But maybe there is something more that we need.

I understand the desire to give an audience what they want.  It is easy and usually well-received.  There tends to be a minimal amount of effort involved in maintaining the status quo.  Repeating something that has already been done is much less stressful than creating something new, especially if the thing you have created was well received.  If you are wondering if that is the voice of experience, it absolutely is.

Church life is all about repetition.  At least it feels like that is true.  I had an interesting experience recently on a Sunday morning when I good percentage of my congregation was convinced I wasn’t at church until they saw me.  Why?  I had parked in a different parking spot.  If my car wasn’t in the appropriate place, I obviously was not either.  It didn’t matter that there was snow and ice in the parking lot, my car was missing.  That is repetition taken to the extreme.

Sometimes we need to make the unsafe choice and give people something different instead of more of the same.  It’s a frightening thought.  They may not like it as well as what came before.  They might be emotionally attached to what has been left behind.  People might also love what comes next or become emotionally attached to something new.  We will never know until we try.

Throw caution to the wind!  Change more than just your outfit!  Do something new, something different, something brave.  It could be wonderful.  It could be just what you need.


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