Space Mouse: Disney & Star Wars

I debated about whether or not to write about ‘Star Wars’ here.  Historically, the movies are not a Disney property.  There has been a connection at the Parks with rides, shows, and merchandising but ‘Star Wars’ itself was not Disney.  That has changed.  There was much hoopla about the purchase.  There were people sure that it would ruin the franchise and people sure that the sale would save it.  The arguments were very similar to the ones that happened when Disney partnered with Marvel several years ago.  Interestingly enough, to my mind, with the same results.

Unless you have been living under a rock with no internet and no contact with other people, you are probably aware that a new ‘Star Wars’ movie came out last month.  I had been looking forward to that event with both excitement and trepidation.  I was excited because it’s ‘Star Wars’ and I have loved ‘Star Wars’ for most of my life.  I was excited because ‘Star Wars’ was back in theaters.  I was excited because I wanted to see the characters I grew up loving and pretending to be.  I was excited to see more of their story.  I was full of trepidations for all the same reasons.  The last set of movies were disappointing in so many ways.  I will not get into that in this space, but trust me when I say the prequels didn’t make me happy.  As I saw the previews for ‘The Force Awakens’ with increasing frequency, all I could think was, “Please, don’t stink.”

It’s hard when there is something you want to like, even love, and it disappoints you.  It’s harder when you give the same thing the opportunity to do so again.  This is a bit of a life lesson.  Interestingly enough, I am much more forgiving of movies than people.  I give movie franchises, book series, and recording artists every opportunity to disappoint me.  No matter how bad the last one was, the next one might be better.  I give real people a lot fewer chances.  I’m not sure if I should be more forgiving of people, or less forgiving of things but one of those things is true.  Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.  Maybe I should clearly state my expectations of people.  I wonder how people would react when I approach them again after a disappointment and say, “Please, don’t stink.”  It would probably not go over well, but it would definitely change the course of the interaction.

Disney and Star Wars came together to create something for us.  I will be discussing the result of that partnership in the next several blogs.  I don’t know the details of how that partnership came into being, but perhaps there was some version of “please, don’t stink” in the conversation.  Two things that don’t seem to fit together found a working partnership that created something of worth.


One thought on “Space Mouse: Disney & Star Wars

  1. Kevin Dow

    I agree that “Please don’t stink.” would probably not go over well. It is really not a constructive comment that really identifies the source of the disappointment. I do think it is fair to say, “I am disappointed because …” which states your expectations, the source of the disappointment, and gives a sense of what the person can do to meet (or not) your expectations.



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