10 Reasons Disneyland is better than Disney World: #8

#8 — When it rains everyone leaves

This is a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.  We have been in the park several times during the rain and it feels like everything is open just for us.  We have been allowed to ride attractions over and over since there was no one waiting in line.  We’d get to the end and the cast member would simply say, “Want to go again?”  The answer to that question is always, “Yes, please!”  The Princess and I once rode The Matterhorn four times in a row.  We switched sides once.  They offered to let us keep going since we were the only ones there are were having so much fun.  Unfortunately, we had to meet the less hardy members of our group who were huddling out of the weather.  The cast members waved and told us to come back if the rest of the family were feeling braver.  They weren’t.  We all left.

I don’t know why rain chases people away.  It might be that there are so many people who are locals.  If you can go to Disneyland any day you want, why go in the rain?  It might be because the hotels are so close.  There is a difference between a 10 minute walk and a half hour bus ride.  It may be because there are so many rides that close down.  One of our visits was so rainy, there were rides that never opened.  It may simply be that people don’t want to get wet.  There are a lot fewer covered waiting areas at Disneyland.  It may be some combination of all of these.  We found that Disney World crowds also thin in the rain, but not to the extent that they do in Disneyland.  We still stood in lines and we didn’t get to loop.  Maybe Floridians are tougher, maybe people just don’t want to wait in line for a bus instead of an attraction.  Whatever the reason, of the two parks Disneyland is by far more fun in the rain.

Here is truth.  Once you learn how to experience Disneyland in the rain the park belongs to you.  No lines, no crowds, no waiting.  It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is or what special event is going on the park will empty.  We were visiting on Spring Break during the 50th Anniversary celebration.  The sky opened and all those Spring Breakers left.  Not us.  We started trying to learn all the words to “A Pirate’s Life for Me” by riding Pirates of the Caribbean over and over.  Because we could.

Some advice to make this work.  First, Keep your feet dry.  Wet, wrinkled feet are no fun.  Waterproof shoes are ideal.  If, like me, you can’t stand flip-flops, crocs, or other plastic shoes there is a less dignified option.  Raid your park purchases and grab two postcard sized bags.  Put them over your socks.  Yes, you will look stupid.  However your socks will stay dry no matter how wet you shoes are.  If you  have larger feet, you may need larger bags.  Second, Buy the poncho.  I know it’s expensive.  However, unless you have brought high quality rain gear with you, you will not find anything cheaper that will hold up as well keeping you and your stuff dry while you get on and off rides.  Cheap ponchos will rip and tear.  Finally, adjust you attitude.  The whole park is now a wet ride.  Relax and enjoy it because you no longer have to share.


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