10 Reasons Disneyland is better than Disney World: #6

6. Unlimited FastPasses

This reason flows directly from the last.  Unlimited FastPasses!

For those of you who don’t know about the FastPass system, it is a way by which the Disney parks regulate wait times and traffic flow through the rides.  You swipe your ticket and get a pass that tells you when to return.  You come back during the scheduled time, ride your ride, and then can get another Fastpass.  Alternatively, if your return is much later (as can happen in popular rides like Radiator Springs Racers) after two hours you can get another Fastpass.  So, one Fastpass every two hours from the time the park opens until all the FastPasses are gone for the day.  You can also park hop with FastPasses.  Grab one in Disneyland, then two hours later get one in California Adventure.  If used strategically, they can reduce your wait time significantly.

While not expert as using the system, I’m pretty good at it.  We have had as many as six in the course of a long day.  When the park opens at 8 am and closes at midnight there are a lot of two hour windows to get FastPasses.  Cast Members are a little flexible on the back end of the time.  If your dinner went a little long or you got caught in parade traffic they will let you in line.  Occasionally at the very end of the day cast members will let you use a FastPass from earlier in the day.

The last time we went to Walt Disney World we got three Fastpasses for the day.  Three.  As a fun addition they all had to be at the same park.  It really cramped our style.  Spending 12 or more hours in the park as we do, three pre-selected FastPasses are insufficient.  Plus no park hopping.  That is especially inconvient when two of the parks (Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios) don’t take all day to experience.  After we’re done we always head to the Magic Kingdom where we have no FastPass options.

This reason is simple math.  More is better!  Disneyland has more.  Therefore Disneyland is better.


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