10 Reasons Walt Disney World is better than Disneyland: #10

10.  Wifi

I know.  It’s not very exciting.  However in this age of social media updates (Live Tweeting Thunder Mountain: #handsup), family sharing (Look, Grandma!  Minnie’s blowing you a kiss!), and texting lost members of the group (How long does it take to get a pretzel?  Hurry up!), a Disney vacation can be murder on the data plan.  But not at The World.

Everywhere you go in the world you are connected.  You can send all those photos to Grandma.  You can make all your Facebook friends envious.  You can repeatedly text the teenager/spouse/miscellaneous traveler to hurry before you miss your lunch reservation.  All without draining your data.

Now many of you will say, “But Pastor Mouse, we go on vacation to disconnect.”  I say to you, “Good job!”  You don’t have to use the wifi.  Leave your phone in your pocket, in the room, or at home.  Just because it is available for use doesn’t mean it’s mandatory.  The key for me is that it’s there.  I like to check ride waits and show times.  This year for the first time I will be live tweeting a trip (follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates).  I upload photos to Facebook.  I am highly connected and I appreciate the fact that I can remain so while at Walt Disney World.


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