10 Reasons Walt Disney World is better than Disneyland: #7

7. MagicBands

Back in 2013, Walt Disney World launched their new resort wide, all-inclusive systems for linking guest information.  Those people who are staying at the Disney World Property (or are annual pass holders) receive a bracelet in the mail after booking their resort package.  They can be customized for each member of the party at least 11 days before you depart.  These bracelets are then linked through the website or app to the reservations for the trip.  That is when things get cool.

From the time you get off the plane, everything is on your magic band.  Riding the Magical Express bus?  Scan your MagicBand.  Hotel room key?  MagicBand.  Park ticket?  MagicBand.  Meal reservation?  MagicBand.  It’s all there.  If you have a meal plan that is linked to.  If you link a credit card at check in, you can do all your shopping with your MagicBand.  No carrying cash or cards around the park.  Even your photos are linked through your MagicBand.  You don’t have to worry about losing the photo pass.

It took us a few days to trust it.  We would still carry photo passes and double scan.  We had money, printed copies of reservations, and all the other things I was used to carrying around.  When we had no problems, I learned to trust the band.  The best thing was that it was all linked to the trip.  It didn’t matter who in our party scanned their band.  The Princess loves to tell people she bought our family lunch at Le Cellier since she scanned her MagicBand to pay for it all.

It is easy and convenient.  I honestly wish Disneyland had a similar system.


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