10 Reasons Walt Disney World is better than Disneyland: #5

5.  Food!

This is no small thing.  As much as I love Disneyland, it is not a great foodie destination.  I could go to Walt Disney World just for the food.  There are some amazing places to eat at every single park plus downtown Disney.  This was a surprise to us the first time we went.  We expected that there would be more options since there was more park, but we didn’t expect how wonderful all those options would be.

First I need to say that we have not eaten at every single restaurant in Walt Disney World.  That would be an interesting experience that would take a lot more time then we have ever had.  That would be a very long and very fun trip.  (If any publishers out there would like to pay for that trip, I would happily detail every restaurant on the resort in a guide format.)  I can only speak to the food that we have had.  I would also like to point out that if you have young children, chicken nuggets are chicken nuggets no matter where they are eaten.  If your child is not adventurous, some of the advice below is not for you.

I would like to talk about two different types of exceptional dining experiences at The World.  First is atmospheric dining.  The easiest place to find this is Epcot.  While not all of the national areas have a restaurant the ones that do are great places to eat.  Le Cellier in Canada is one of our very favorites.  It is a great steakhouse.  Teppan Edo in Japan is also a lot of fun, as you sit around a large grill as your chef cooks your dinner to order.  You can also eat seafood while sitting surrounded by huge aquarium windows at Coral Reef, though that one make me feel guilty.  (Don’t look while I eat your cousin!)  T-Rex & Rainforest Café have an entertaining interactive environment.  50’s Prime Time Diner has great classic diner food, and also the most fun servers.  And of course, a meal at Be Our Guest is an experience not to be missed.  Each of these places, plus many more are about where you eat as much as about what you eat.

Secondly, there is the quality of the food.  We are not talking about burgers and fries though you can certainly find those if you want them.  We have had African food, nicoise salad, gourmet flatbreads, and prime rib.  The Princess insists that the best meal she has ever had in her life was at Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  They take food seriously in The World and we appreciate it.  We have had average meals at Walt Disney World, but never a bad one.

We discovered the Resort Meal Plan on our first trip.  If you are at all a foodie and want to experience all that Walt Disney World has to offer this is definitely the way to go.  We get the standard plan that gets us one counter service meal and one table service meal each day.  Each meal includes a drink and dessert as well as the main course.  The plan covers any entrée on a menu.  So if you, like us, like the more expensive items on a menu, this is definitely the way to go.  The Princess did not like being limited to the children’s menu is several of the places we went (see chicken nugget comment above), so she was happy on the next trip when she got to step up to the regular menu.

When we have gone to Walt Disney World, one of the first things we do is plan our meals.  It is definitely one of the ways that is it better than Disneyland.


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