10 Reasons Walt Disney World is better than Disneyland: #4

4. Hotel options

When you go to Disneyland Resort and want to stay at a Disney owned hotel, you have three choices: Paradise Pier, Disneyland Hotel, or The Grand Californian.  All of then carry a fairly substantial price tag unless you find a deal.  Paradise Pier, the least expensive of the three, starts at $350 per night.  When you go to the Walt Disney World Resort and want to stay at a Disney owned hotel, you can choose from 30 hotels and one campground.  Prices start at $81 and cover the range from bare basics bed and bathroom motel room to condo style villas with full kitchens.

When we head to The World, one of the great family debates is always where should we stay?  Our first trip we were in a value resort which was fine, but very crowded and involved a long bus ride just about everywhere.  While we would love to move into a Disney villa for an extended stay, realistically that is outside our price range.  So we debate price, location, theme, and transport options until we find the resort that is right for us.  We think we might have found our favorite place to stay last time, but The Princess would really like to try the Animal Kingdom Lodge so we’ll hold off on a decision for now.

It is good to have choices as well as a range of pricing.  Some people spend a lot of time at their hotels for one reason or another and hotel amenities are important to them.  Others just need a place to stash their suitcases and sleep.  At Walt Disney World everyone can find the right hotel for them.


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