East or West? Postscript

It is an interesting thing to go through the strengths and weaknesses of the two American Disney parks.  I have been writing for four weeks about the parks and actually came to no conclusion about which park is best.  Interestingly, fans of each park congratulated me on how well I proved the superiority of their favorite.  Bias is an amazing thing.  All the reasons I listed were true.  The majority of them were objective.  Each list proved why one park was better than another.  Both were right.  There is no winner.  This is not a result we tend to be comfortable with.

We are currently living in a culture that does not like middle ground.  Compromise is viewed as weakness.  In every argument there needs to be right or wrong, true or false, winner or loser. Reality is much messier than that.  Sometimes people on both sides are right.  Sometimes each side speaks the truth.  Sometimes winning an argument is a bigger defeat than losing one.  Our world is not made up of easy answers and reducing the big questions of our world into a true/false dichotomy does no one any good.  Acknowledging the truth in each side is a good place to start, whether the issue is large or small.

As for one small debate, which Disney park is the best?  For me it is simple.  Whatever park I am in is the best.  I will enjoy each one to the fullest extent.  I will laugh, ride rides, see shows, and have a good time no matter which park I have the privilege to visit.  Where I am is the best place to be at that particular moment.  And a day at a Disney park, any Disney park, is never a day wasted.




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