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By the end of any Disney trip there are certain things I know I will have.  They include: a new hat, pins, lots of photos, at least one blister, a mild sunburn, sore muscles, and many stories to tell.  What I never have is a sense that I’m done.  There are always more rides to ride, shows to see, and characters to meet.  We start planning our next trip before we even leave the park.  We evaluate our hotel, the places we’ve eaten, and decide what we will do differently next time.

The basics of each trip stay the same, but some of the details change.  Parade or no parade?  Rest time in the afternoon or power through?  Character meal or sandwiches in the room?  The answers to these questions change from visit to visit or even from day to day.  This trip there was a lot more resting in the room since we all were running early in the mornings.  We also saw more shows than we usually do since we wanted to catch all the 60th Anniversary stuff before it was gone.  These are the things that make each trip unique.

As I was contemplating this, it occurred to me that this is the opposite of how I approach a Sunday morning.  Other than the sermon and other details, each service is virtually identical to the one just a week before.  I do not generally look back and evaluate how things went or wonder if I should do things differently.  I find a rhythm that works basically stay with it until something happens that makes me have to change.  I would never approach any other part of my life like that, but Sunday worship?  You betcha!

Part of me is firmly convinced that if I change the order of service every week, my congregation would be up in arms and demanding that I make up my mind.  But a smaller part of me wonders, would some people really look forward to not knowing exactly what might happen from week to week?  I don’t have an answer to that and honestly I’m a little afraid to find out.  Maybe someday.  Until then, I will continue on.  Walking the same path, the same way, content in my sameness.



One thought on “Insert fun here


    It could be an insightful conversation with regular church-goers to ask their thoughts on the order of the service. Of course there won’t be agreement, but that wouldn’t be the expectation or even the desired outcome. Input could be used for periodic rotation of the order. And, gentle change, even for no particular reason, can add spark to the worship experience, just as gentle change can add spark to the next Disney experience.



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