Stick to the Status Quo

Recently I attended a workshop about blogging.  I thought that perhaps since this blog has seemed to become a regular thing, I should maybe learn from someone who knows what they are doing.  I felt very good heading into the session, but much less so after.  All the bloggers in the group had to briefly describe their blog.  This was a church event so all of us there were religious bloggers.  By the end of our two-hour time together I had the definite impression that I didn’t belong at the grown-up table.

When the facilitator would talk about what we didn’t want in a blog, he would look at me.  At first I thought I was a little paranoid, but eventually it was pretty clear that I was being singled out.  Based on the significant looks I was getting this blog is: frivolous, limited in scope, not scholarly enough, and incapable of dealing with the big issues that people in the church want to talk about.  I do not have an extensive catalog of articles prepared to publish as soon as a major church event happens.  I only publish twice a week (and sometimes not even that).  I only have 100 followers.  I talk about Mickey Mouse.  All of this means I am not a ‘serious’ blogger.  There is a way to do church blogging and this isn’t it.  I took all of this in and thought about how I could change the blog to make it more like the other ones.

I want to be a ‘serious’ blogger.  I have things to say that I want people to hear.  This blog is my opportunity to share my faith, my joys, and my struggles with people who, hopefully, share at least part of those things.  I definitely want to do it ‘right’.  And as I thought about this feedback and judgement of my little blog, I began to think, ‘Forget that!’  This is MY blog and while it might not be ‘serious’ enough for some people, it is what I want it to be.

Disney is not small.  Walt Disney Animation Studios has produced 55 theatrical features and has through partnership with other animation studios like Pixar and Disney Toon Studios released a grand total of 91 animated films.  Add another few hundred for live action and hybrid feature films and there is a movie catalog that is close to 500 films.  They have a multiple cable channels that run exclusively Disney made content.  They have a theatrical production company that has produced 7 Broadway shows with more on the way.   They have a publishing arm, Hyperion, which brought us many notable stories including “Percy Jackson & the Olympians”.  They own ABC, ESPN, and A & E.  They license and produce Marvel Studios and Star Wars.  They own and operate four amusement park resorts worldwide with a fifth on the way.  Not to mention the almost 90 year history of Mickey Mouse.  By any definition this is an extensive slice of American popular culture.  Any limitations in my subject matter are from my own lack, not the resources available to me.

As for my lack of scholarly topics, I’m ok with that.  Maybe I’m not writing for people who are waiting on a diocesan response to the refugee crisis.  Maybe I’m not writing for people who want to dissect the Judicial Council’s decision on guaranteed appointments.  Maybe I’m not writing for people who are waiting to hear if the Pope is going to radically change the Vatican.  Maybe most people out there want something a little less ‘churchy’ and a little more Disney.  I’m writing for them and for me.

I don’t want to write about the same things that every other church blogger is writing about.  It’s already out there.  Go read it.  I’m sure it’s very good.  I want to write the blog for people like me.  People who think that the world could use a little more magic, a lot more kindness, and some musical numbers.  I don’t want to just be another voice in the noise.  I want to step out of the status quo and do something unique, something definitively me.  The serious bloggers will never consider me one of them and that’s ok.  I am the Pastor in Mouse Ears and my faith comes with a lot of trust and a little bit of pixie dust.


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