The Unified Pixar Theory

You may or may not have heard of this.  This theory, created by Jon Negroni (and now available to purchase on proposes that all the Pixar movies take place in the same universe.  This universe is similar, but slightly different than ours.  It is a world with both magic and advanced technology where both animals and inanimate objects have intelligence and agency of their own.  It starts with “The Good Dinosaur” which, it is theorized, explains where our world and that one diverged.  It ends with either “Brave” (which occupies two slots in the continuum for timey wimey reasons) or “Monsters, Inc” depending on how you want to explain.

I am not going to go into the whole theory here.  You can google it.  Jon Negroni has his own website as well as the book and there are a couple of Youtube videos that go into it.  It’s interesting.  I see where it’s coming from.  But honestly, I’m not convinced.  To my thinking, by the time you get to ‘Monsters University’ the wheels have come off of the bus a bit.  I find it interesting that the little ‘Easter eggs’ and nods to other Pixar features have created this idea of a shared world.  I find it even more interesting that people have spent their time and effort to create this world.  I like it when things make sense, but I have no need to force order on things that are actually random and only distantly related.

Interestingly, I have seen this sort of thing before, quite often.  People have tried to create a Unified Bible Theory as well.  If you do not know, the Bible can be inconsistent at best and contradictory at worst.  Some people have a very big problem with that.  They need the Bible to be one unified thing that tells one story from beginning to end, like a history book written by one author.  The problem with that idea is that, like the Pixar movies, the Bible is a collection of stories told by and for different people in different places and in different times.  While there are constants and later stories refer back to earlier stories, it is still a collection not a whole.  It is made up of stories, laws, parables, letters, poetry, and more. The oldest parts of the Bible go back to an early oral tradition while the newest parts were written hundreds, if not thousands of years after the oral tradition began.

Trying to get all 16 Pixar films to tell the story of one interconnected world involves some huge leaps of logic and fudging of the actual stories.  Trying to make the Bible one thing is a lost cause.  There is no way to make it consistent.  That is not the point.

The point of the Pixar films is to enjoy each one on its own merits.  The point of the Bible is to learn how the generations before us experienced their relationship with God.  And in that learning, be guided by their wisdom, and hear how God is reaching out to us today.


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