Avoiding Dory

The new Pixar movie, “Finding Dory” opens today.  You might expect that I would be heading to the theater, thrilled and excited to finally see the “Finding Nemo” sequel I’ve been waiting on for years.  You would be wrong.  I am home tonight.  My weekend plans include a dance recital and a minor league baseball game.  I will not be finding Dory.

“Why?” you may ask.  Easy.  The Princess is gone and I don’t want to see it without her.  As much as I want to see it and as much as I know I would enjoy the movie, I know that I would not enjoy it as much as if I saw it with her.  I want to talk about it, compare it to the original, and decide where it ranks on our personal Pixar scale.  None of which I can do by myself.  Some things are just better together.

We have seen almost all the Pixar films together in the theater.  In fact, thanks to a double feature re-release of the first two Toy Story movies, we have seen all but two of them in a theater together.  “Finding Nemo” was actually the first Pixar film The Princess ever saw in a theater.  It would be strange going to see the sequel without her.

So here I am on Friday night, home by myself.  Tomorrow I will start avoiding reviews and spoilers.  I will try my best to stay in the dark so I can enjoy the movie when The Princess gets home.  Hopefully she is doing the same.  In a week or so, she will be home and we can find a time to go to the theater.  A part of me knows that this time with her is limited.  Eventually she will be gone permanently.  She will not come home to see movies with me and that will be fine.  But  right now, this movie, is still ours.  So I am avoiding Dory so I can experience it with The Princess while I still can.  This time is a gift and I am savoring it while I still can.



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