The Great Pixar Survey

Over the next several weeks I would like to try something new.  I would like for us to do something together.  I propose that we watch some movies together.  We started this project as a family a year ago and got stalled so I’m hoping for some help.

On our way home from seeing “Inside Out” we debated which Pixar movie was the best  of them all.  Each of us had a different favorite but we decided there had to be an objective way to prove who’s favorite is actually the best movie.  I came up with an evaluation form and we started watching all the Pixar movies in order.  We would then use the form to evaluate them.

We scored each film from 1-5 in three different categories: Plot, Cinematography, and Emotional Connection.  Over the next few weeks I invite you to do the same.  Each week we can watch a couple movies together.  I’ll post a link to a survey using my less than scientific criteria.  Together, we will decide which Pixar film is the best of all.   I will also post a reflection about that movie the next week before we take on the next film.  We will tackle them in order starting with “Toy Story”.  Dust off your dvds (or VHS tapes) and join in.

What is your favorite Pixar feature film?  Which one do you think will score the best? Answer in this handy dandy survey.


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