Toy Story

We start our movie adventure with “Toy Story”, the Pixar movie that started it all!

Most of us had never even heard of Pixar before “Toy Story” came out.  In fact, if you were like me, you were somewhat skeptical about the idea of an entirely CGI feature that didn’t even attempt to mimic hand drawn animation.  I enjoyed (and still do) classic animation and wasn’t sure that this experiment would be worthwhile.  Little did I know at the time that Pixar was about more than just fancy computing skills.  Their commitment to quality characters and story telling would redefine how we looked at ‘children’s movies’.

I have found that it is hard to be objective about this movie.  Woody & Buzz’s story has become such a standard part of the Disney canon that it is hard to remember a time without them.  In spite of that, it is time to look at “Toy Story” again.  Evaluate it based on its own merits, not what will come next.  Pay particular attention to Plot, Cinematography, and Emotional Engagement.  Use the survey link below for your scores.  You can also feel free to comment about your thought rewatching the movie.

Thanks for participating.  Let’s have some fun!


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