I am NOT Mrs. Nesbitt

There is a very powerful moment in “Toy Story” after Buzz realizes that he is (SPOILER ALERT) a toy.  He is found by Hannah and used to replace one of the many dolls that her brother has destroyed.  When Woody finds him, Buzz is in a full blown meltdown.  If he cannot be Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger he is willing to accept any role that he has forced upon him.  Buzz is afraid.  He no longer knows who he is or what his place is in the world and so he becomes, at least for a little while, Mrs.Nesbitt.  It is both very funny and very poignant.  Funny, because of the hat and the general craziness.  Poignant becuase we have all had those moments.

We all have that point in our lives when everything we thought we knew has ended.  We have lost a job, lost a spouse, lost some key part of ourselves that defines who we are.  We face having to reevaluate who we are and rebuild ourselves from the ground up.  When that point comes when we have to question everything we thought we ever were it is easy to step back and let someone else tell us who we are.  Even when you know it is wrong, the freedom of not making the decisions to rebuild your life is tempting.  There will always be someone happy to move us into their version of life and tell us what our role is in it.  It is much easier to just wear the hat and let someone tell us that we are Mrs. Nesbitt.  We can accept the role we are given and sit down at the tea party.  Alternatively, we can decide to determine for ourselves who we are.  This happens to us as individuals and as groups.  The church has been dealing with this for decades.

Are you Mrs. Nesbitt?  Are you happy letting someone else define you?  It is much harder to struggle with putting your life back together instead of letting someone else do it for you.  It is much harder to figure out your own priorities that it is to let someone else tell you what they are.  It is easy to be Mrs. Nesbitt.  Don’t fall into the trap of doing the easy thing.  Live into the struggle as difficult as it is.

Be you — whatever that looks like.  Be you — even when that is the least easy thing to be.  Be you — no matter what hat someone else wants you to wear.

If you have not ranked Toy Story, here is the link to enter your scores.



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