What time is it?

Hello again!  I am back at the blog.  Now I know when I was last here I had just started a new series and I’m sure you were all very excited for that series (this is one of the things that I pretend is true).  I then dropped off the grid for a month.  For part of that month that was quite literally true.  You see life has been very busy over this last month.

First, The Princess & I went on vacation.  We camped in National Parks for two weeks and I had no computer and no internet for most of that time.  We slept in a tent, saw many and varied forms of wildlife, paddled a kayak on a lake in front of mountains, and rode horses through a whole different set of mountains.  I did make one halfhearted attempt to blog one afternoon in the tent on my phone.  My skill with the app was such that instead of saving to upload when we got back on the network the whole entry vanished without a trace.  I didn’t attempt again.

Second, I went off to lead a church camp.  I had grand plans for that week.  I was done with my responsibilities with the kids by 8 o’clock in the evening.  They had rest time after lunch.  I would have both time and my computer to get things done.  Sadly, not only did I barely stay up past the kids in the evening, the internet was down at the camp from the second day there.

Third, after all camps and vacations were done for the season The Princess and I decided to adopt a dog.  That was an epic failure.  He was NOT our dog for so many reasons.  Some of which being that facts that he kept trying to eat my computer, its power cord, and me.  He has returned from whence he came and now I am trying to get back on track.

So, the plan is to pick up the Pixar series again on week two with “A Bug’s Life” on Thursday.  If you have not voted for you favorite Pixar movie yet, the link is here:


If you haven’t rated “Toy Story” yet, that link is here:


So let’s see if I can get back on track now that summer is starting to wind down.  I’ll be back on Thursday!



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