Toy Story 2

Pixar’s third movie was its first sequel.  This also happened to be only the second movie we saw in a theater after the Princess was born.  We actually got a babysitter so we could go see this one.  Interestingly, this movie was supposed to be one of the many, many direct to video sequels that Disney was releasing at the time.  When Disney evaluated it, it was decided that the film was entirely too good to head directly to video and it was upgraded to full theater release.

The production was plagues with issues and struggles.  People were fired, hired, and worked into the ground.  Then one day, an animator accidentally deleted the wrong file and 90% of the previous two years work was lost.  Sometime during the work the backups had failed and it looked like “Toy Story 2” was doomed.  The film was saved by a telecommuting technical director.  She had been working from home to take care of her newborn.  She had everything except for the previous few days work.  A new mom saves the day!  No wonder Pixar always acknowledges the babies born during their productions.

In spite of struggles, changes, and problems “Toy Story 2” made it into theaters on time to both critical and financial success.  It is routines listed as one of the best animated features of all time.  It is generally accepted to be one of the few sequels that surpasses the original film and it is one of the few movies to have a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

What do you think of the installment in the story of Andy’s toys?  Rate “Toy Story 2” here:


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