“Monsters, Inc”

When I was little I was afraid of the monster under my bed.  And the one in my closet.  And the one who lived in the furnace.  In fact I was pretty much afraid of the dark until we moved when I was in 5th grade to a house with different closets, and a furnace in the garage that I couldn’t see.  As you can imagine Pixar’s fourth movie, a movie in which the monsters were afraid of the children, had great appeal for me.

“Monsters, Inc” went through several incarnations in script and character before it became what it is now.  Once again, Pixar used the idea of the buddy movie to great advantage.  It is funny.  It is moving. It is thought provoking.  It not only received great critical success, but it managed to hold its own at the box office against Harry Potter.

What did you think of “Monsters, Inc’?  Give your rating of “Monsters, Inc” here:



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