“Finding Nemo”

“Finding Nemo” was the first Pixar movie The Princess saw in a movie theater.  She was enthralled and no wonder.  There is a lot going on in the plot.  It is full of quirky characters, adventure, and education (Who doesn’t secretly want to know the words of all Mr. Ray’s songs?).  It is also a shockingly beautiful movie.  It is an easy movie to fall in love with.  It won an Academy award, received huge critical acclaim, was the second highest grossing film of 2003, and is listed by the American Film Institute as the 10th best animated feature of all time.

In many ways, “Finding Nemo” was a game changer.  The research that went into the background designs was unheard of.  Animators learned how to scuba dive, visited aquariums, and studied with their own personal ichthyologist.  Marlin and Nemo were a small part of a huge world.  While we follow their story it is obvious that there are other stories taking place around them that connect briefly but then move on.  Marlin’s task of finding his son is made even more daunting by the scope of the world in which they live.  As you can probably tell, this is one of my favorites.

Did you love Nemo?  Rate the movie here:



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