How far would you go?

I once lost The Princess.  It was one of the scariest times of my life.  We were at a church fundraiser and I was running around doing many and various things.  She was in the nursery playing with one of her friends with the other mom supervising.  From the kitchen, I saw the other family leaving.  I went to the nursery  to collect The Princess and she was gone.  I checked the connecting rooms and she was just gone.  In that moment my life stopped.  The church was open to the public and people had been coming and going all day.  She was nowhere to be found.  I had become ‘that’ mom.  The mom that looked away for just a minute and something horrible happened.  The mom that was too busy to properly take care of my child.  The mom that failed in the most basic of parenting tasks: keeping my child safe.  My fear and panic disrupted the entire event.  People left their jobs and started looking everywhere.  As you can guess from the stories I have told in this blog, she was not gone.  A very helpful woman saw the other family leaving and said The Princess could come with her to the locked office where the money was being kept.  She would be safe and out of the way so I could keep working.  Each person, the money counter and the exiting mom, assumed the other would tell me.  Neither one did.

Reviewers have talked about how unrealistic “Finding Nemo” is.  A clown fish would never be able to cross open waters to find his offspring.  Though honestly, I’m not sure how realistic people expect a movie about talking fish to be.  Whatever they think about the plausibility of fish adventures, the feelings are real.  That is how a parent reacts.  I would cross the ocean for my daughter.  With or without a boat.  With or without help.  Nothing would keep me from doing whatever it took to find her.  Fish or not, that’s real.

I wouldn’t work that hard for much else in this world.  In fact you can tell how important something is to me by how much effort I put into it.  For example I will work on an average Disney vacation for months but I rarely bother to leave the house to acquire pizza.  I will read and write about subjects I am excited about for weeks.  Something I’m required to do?  Bare minimums.  It is amazing to me, however, how other people find different things, things that I place no value on, inspiring.  It is wonderful that other people are passionate about computer programming, music, physics, and farming to name a few.  There are people who dedicate their careers to helping others.  There are people who risk their live for justice.  There are people who would swim the entire ocean for the one thing that they are most passionate about.  It is beautiful.

What inspires you?  Do you know?  Are you willing to risk everything for it?  If not, it may be time to find that one thing that you are willing to move heaven and earth for and start working.  You don’t need to find Nemo, you need to find your own inspiration.

If you haven’t reviewed “Finding Nemo” yet, the link is here:



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