“The Incredibles”

I love, love, love this movie.  You all know that I have a deep affinity for all things Disney, but I have been an avid comic book reader for most of my life.  Superheroes are awesome!  They are the most engaging, not when they are fighting bad guys, but when they are trying to reconcile ‘real life’ with the challenges of being different.  That is what “The Incredibles” does perfectly.  They struggle with what it means to have powers.  They struggle with how to use those powers when people don’t want to be saved.  The struggle with the notion of what is it to be a hero.  All this plus, Edna Mode who is my spirit animal.

There are reviewers out there who consider this one of the best superhero movies ever made.  Every time a version of Marvel’s Fantastic Four comes out, comparisons are made to this movie and people wonder why the more famous foursome can’t be rendered as well on film as the Parr family.  The movie succeeds on every level and inevitable tops people’s lists of favorite Pixar films.

What do you think about “The Incredibles”?  Add your review here:




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