“When everyone is super, no one will be.”

“The Incredibles’ is a movie that deals with what it means to be different.  The Parr family have a choice about how to live their lives; hide who they are in an attempt to be ‘normal’ or embrace their gifts in spite of a society that tells them they are unwanted.  They are not the only ones who struggle.  Their nemesis has this struggle as well, but in reverse.

Syndrome is a person with no powers.  As much as he wants to be, he is not ‘super’.  He decides to compensate for this through inventions which he also sells off to the highest bidder.  He has this wonderful quote as he’s revealing his master plan, “When everyone is super, no one will be.”  His own doubts and insecurities have manifested themselves into his plan of global domination.  Because he did not have inherent gifts, he felt that he was less than those who were super.  He couldn’t see the value of his own gifts and talents.  He just wanted what he didn’t have.

I understand that frustration to a point.  I have always wanted  to be an artist.  I would love to be able to draw or paint.  I have tried.  I have even taken some lessons, but there is something missing.  I just don’t have the gift.  It makes me sad.  It makes me envious.  It doesn’t make me want to punish all the artists out there for being better than me.  I have my own gifts.

The thing is, if we were all fabulous artists, art wouldn’t be special.  It would just be something we all did like breathing.  The same is true for any talent you pick.  It is our differences that make us special.  Syndrome doesn’t understand that he’s already super, he just didn’t have powers.  Some of us need that reminder as well.  There is room in this world for more than one kind of special.  Some of us invent, some of us cook.  Some of us solves complex mathematical equations, some of us paint.  Some of us fix washing machines, some of us blog.  If we all did any one thing exclusively, it would be true that no one would be super in that one thing.  But we would still have all the things that make us different and that make each of us super in our own way.

If you haven’t scored “The Incredibles” yet, the link is here:




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