The next film from Pixar was one that I didn’t really want to see.  The preview for “Cars” didn’t impress me.  Of course, The Princess wanted to see it.  So when she and I had an evening out of town with nothing to do, we headed to the local multiplex and caught a show.  It will never be my favorite Pixar film, but it was fun.  I enjoyed the quirky characters and the non-traditional ending.  It was not one of Pixar’s best reviewed movies though it was far from poorly received.  It was also the last movie Pixar released before they were purchased by Disney.

If you like to drive, this is you movie.  It is full of car themed celebrities, inside jokes, and puns.  If you don’t know much about car and racing culture (like me) many of them will have to be explained to you.  It is worth the effort to track them down.  It is amazing how many vocal actors in the movies have a connection to racing.  It’s a nice touch that can be easily overlooked if you don’t know to look for it.

One of the gifts of “Cars” to our family was to instill a love of road trips.  To this day whenever we start out on a cross country trip, the “Cars” soundtrack is one of the first things we put on the sound system.  Because of “Cars” we have driven parts of old Route 66 and have visited Monument Valley in Utah.

What did you think of “Cars”?  Add your score here:



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