Of all of the Pixar movies this is the one I find least memorable.  I quite literally forget that it exists.  You know when you play the game where you try to name all the Pixar movies (maybe you don’t play that one) I never get this one.  It wasn’t that it was bad, I remember the bad ones.  But it wasn’t one of the best.  For me, it is just somewhere in the middle of the Pixar pack.  I realize that I am in the minority in this opinion.  “Ratatouille” is tied for the second most Oscar nominations of any computer animated feature.  It did well both critically and financially but it simply doesn’t resonate with me.

Maybe it’s because I have a food allergy and can’t eat yummy things.  Maybe it’s because I never really wanted anything as much as Remy wants to cook.  Maybe it’s because I have to look up how to spell the title every time I write about the movie.  Maybe it’s because I just don’t like rats.  Whatever it is, this movie does not top my personal list of favorites.

What do you think of “Ratatouille”?  Is your opinion different than mine?  Tell me here:



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