I am just going to unabashedly say that this is my favorite Pixar film.  I love everything about it.  The characters, the plot, the animation, the soundtrack; as far as I am concerned it is perfect.  In fact, WALL-E himself is my profile icon at Disney.com.  For a character who doesn’t really speak, WALL-E manages to be both engaging and lovable.  The story is told clearly without relying on dialog.  That is the sign of well crafted storytelling and gifted animation.

Not everyone loved “WALL-E”.  Some people believed that the lack of dialog was off-putting.  Younger children were bored.  It was called too ‘preachy’, too ‘political’, and too long.  I even had a conversation with a woman who said it was a treatise on the evils of nuclear power  which I didn’t get at all.  I find it interesting that when there is a lack of verbal storytelling, we step in and create out own narrative.  What creative people we are.

Did you love or hate the film?  Rate “WALL-E” here:



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