Pixar movies will often make me cry.  “Up” is the only one to do so in the first ten minutes of the film.  That is hardly the only unique element of the 10th Pixar feature.  It is fascinating that Pixar chose to produce an action-adventure movie that starred, not a ruggedly handsome 30-something man, but a retiree and an Asian-American child.  Not only that, but it was the relationship between these two that drove the character arcs.  Traditional Hollywood reasoning would say that this cannot work.  That is obviously wrong.

“Up” is a story of lonely misfits who find each other: Carl, a widower who misses his wife and feels like life has passed him by; Russell, a boy who is trying to get his father’s attention by earning merit badges; and Dug, the dog who just doesn’t quite understand what he is supposed to be doing.  Somehow these three come together with Kevin the Bird and form a unit.  They each find that they are more than they have been.  They encourage, support, and call out the best in each other.  It is a very upbeat movie.  (Like how I snuck that little pun in there?)

Do you love the little rag-tag band of adventurers?  Score the movie here:



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